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Business Analysis For Increasing Profits

Since September 27, 2011 James Tomaskovics has provided independent Business Analysis to institutional and individual investors, corporate issuers, financial services firms finance companies and small businesses. This analysis service delivers real time on-demand research tailored to each clients individual needs in the following sectors…

• Basic Materials Sector • Cyclical Consumer Goods & Services • Energy Sector • Financial Sector

• Geopolitical News • Healthcare Sector • Industrial Sector • Non-Cyclical Consumer Goods & Services

• Technology Sector • Telecommunication Sector • Utility Sector

Real World Specialization

• Business Technology Needs Assessment And Implementation • Supply Chain Efficiency

• Business Process and Workflow Efficiency • Business Systems, Data and Functional Analysis •

• Process Architecture and Design Efficiency • Profit Margin Analysis • Return On Assets

• Return On Capital Employed • Sales/Revenue Per Employee

• Price/Book Value Ratio • Price/Cash Flow Ratio • Price/earnings Ratio • Price/Earnings To Growth Ratio

• Price/Sales Ratio • Dividend Yield • Enterprise Value Multiple • Operating Cash Flow/Sales Ratio

• Cash Flow Coverage Ratio • Debt Ratio • Debt/Equity Ratio • Capitalization Ratio • Interest Coverage

• Cash Flow To Debt Ratio • Initial Public Offerings (IPO) • Earnings Per Share Estimates (EPS)

• Quarterly Earnings Releases • Earnings Prospectus • Preliminary Prospectus • Final Prospectus

• US Securities And Exchange Commission Document Analysis • Press Releases


James Tomaskovics Advisory Solutions


James Tomaskovics Advisory Solutions is a fee-based retainment advisory program that services no more than 5 clients personally one on one at any given time in New York.



Services are generally rendered through a monthly retainment package

To provide the best possible service I only service clients on a one on one basis if you prefer to work closely with an analyst to implement and refine your long-term strategy this may be the best option for you. A six month minimum commitment is required for all new clients.

*All work done outside of these retainers is billed per hour with a waiting period that will be discussed prior to agreement. No investment advice can be given outside of this retainment.

* If you cannot cover the monthly retainment fee for research and need more than 2 hours work call for a special arrangement, certain conditions may apply.

* Due New York State regulations you must be one of my five clients to receive investment advice.

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