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James Tomaskovics & Associates Is The New York Metropolitan Areas Technology Support Specialists

If you are in the market to cut costs, streamline workflow and Increase Revenue James Tomaskovics And Associates can take on the full responsibility and functionality of a chief information officer for small businesses and medium sized businesses.

Our methodologies adapt to each unique situation to ensure high performance and satisfaction that will fit your business model, budget and lifestyle not only for today but into the future.

We are committed to a one on one in person approach and remain adamant that the quality, commitment and results of our service yield the same high quality consistency to corporations and small businesses alike.

Free penetration security tests for websites and networks call James direct today at (551) 482-5332

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Dental Practice Management Software

Dental Software And Systems

We service, maintain and integrate existing dental software and systems in the New York Metro Area.

James Tomaskovics & Associates has the ability to develop custom dental software and dental computer systems for dental practices that are in need of specific elements or a new approach.

Dental Management  

Product Or Service Video Websites

HTML5 Video Codec

Utilizing video in website design is an excellent approach to display a product or service and increase sales.

This is an example of a website I have created utilizing html5 video codec

We have the ability to come to your location and capture an HD video of your product or service and incorporate it into your website.

Video Website  

Restaurant Point Of Sale Systems

Restaurant Software And Systems

We service, maintain and integrate existing restaurant software and systems in the New York Metro Area.

Restaurant POS  

Blog James Tomaskovics

The purpose of this Blog is to provide specific industry software capabilities that are inline with the services we offer.

James Tomaskovics Image

Windows 10 Enterprise Menu

Our screenshots of the new Windows 10 Enterprise start menue.

James Tomaskovics Image

Windows 10 Enterprise PcSettings

Our screenshots of the new Windows 10 Enterprise PcSettings.

James Tomaskovics Image

Windows 10 Enterprise Task View

Our screenshots of the new Windows 10 Enterprise Task View

James Tomaskovics Image

Openbravo POS

Openbravo POS is a point of sale application designed for touch screens. Openbravo is 100% free software and can be modified to fit specific needs.

James Tomaskovics Image

Kodiak Field Report

Used by law enforcement, field contact manager is a contact station database system. Field contact tracks every contact you have with any person or vehicle.

James Tomaskovics Image

Dispatch Software

Dispatch software that includes input radios, available drivers and input fare types.

James Tomaskovics Image

OpenSCAM CNC Engraving

Open source software which simulates 3-axis CNC milling or engraving. Preview the results of your cutting operation before committing material.

James Tomaskovics Image

Mach3 CNC Machine Controller

Mach3 works on Windows PC’s to control the motion of motors (stepper & servo) by processing G-Code.

James Tomaskovics Image

Microsoft SEO Tool

Microsoft search engine optimization tool provides extensive analysis of any website online.

James Tomaskovics Image

Windows Process Explorer

Microsoft Windows Process Explorer simplifies troubleshooting of operating system components while scanning each process for viruses.

James Tomaskovics Image

Autoruns For Windows

Know what programs are configured to run during system bootup or login. Including codecs, image hijacks and drivers

James Tomaskovics Image

TCPview For Windows

TCPview allows one to view view possible network intrusion by displaying in real time remote addresses, State of remote address and send packets.

James Tomaskovics & Associates Computer Support Services

Dental Practice Management Software

We Independently Service

ACE Dental Practice Management Software
Denticon Dental Practice Management Software
Dentrix Dental Practice Management Software
CS SoftDent Dental Practice Management Software
Patterson Dental Practice Management Software

Manufacturing Execution Software

We Independently Service

E2 Shop System Manufacturing Execution Software
EnterpriseIQ MES Manufacturing Execution Software
WIPtrac Manufacturing Execution Software
EZ-MES Manufacturing Execution Software
Aegis MES Manufacturing Execution Software

Restaurant Point Of Sale Software

We Independently Service

Lavu iPad Restaurant Point Of Sale Software
Dinerware Restaurant Point Of Sale Software
Touch Bistro Restaurant Point Of Sale Software
Toast POS Restaurant Point Of Sale Software
Vivonet Restaurant Point Of Sale Software

Cloud Storage & Infrastructure

Cloud Desktops & Servers
Disaster Recovery
Business Continuity
Highest Security Standards
Unlimited US Based Helpdesk

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Managed Maintenance Services

Network Monitoring
Network Security
Proactive Maintenance
Certified Engineers
United States Helpdesk

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Professional Consulting For I.T

Data Destruction & Recycling
Site Decommissioning
Project Planning/Execution
Timeshare Engineering
Data & Infrastructure Migration

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I.T Security Penetration Testing

Website Penetration Testing
Web Application Penetration Testing
Web Server Penetration Testing
Firewall Penetration Testing
Software Penetration Testing
I.T Infrastructure Penetration Testing

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Business Website Redesign

Static Website Design
Parallax Web Design
Flash Web Design
Minimalist Web Design
Bootstrap Web Design
Multi-Directional Scrolling Website Design

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Computer Forensic Services

Log Locations
Email Tracking Tracing And Extracting
Metadata Forensics
Financial Information & Transactions
Tracing Private And Government Spying
Data Support Of Intent

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James Tomaskovics & Associates Microsoft Support Services

Microsoft Partner Contact

James Tomaskovics & Associates provides Microsoft Support Services for corporations, small businesses and individuals. From Windows NT to Windows 8.1 operating systems to Microsoft Security Essentials and Microsoft Office 2013 we assist corporations, small businesses and individuals with the set-up, day to day operations and troubleshooting of Microsoft products.

Microsoft Operating Systems

Windows 8.1 Microsoft Support
Windows 8 Microsoft Support
Windows Phone 8 Microsoft Support
Windows Phone 8.1 Microsoft Support
Windows 7 Microsoft Support
Windows Vista Microsoft Support

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Microsoft Servers & Email

Windows Server 2012 Microsoft Support
Exchange Server 2013 Microsoft Support
SQL Server 2014 Microsoft Support
Lync Server 2013 Microsoft Support
365 Networking Infrastructure Microsoft Support
Windows Phone Integration Microsoft Support

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Microsoft Office & Software

Office 2003 Microsoft Support
Office 2007 Microsoft Support
Office 2010 Microsoft Support
Office 2013 Microsoft Support
Office 365 Microsoft Support
Excel Microsoft Support

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