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If you are in the market to cut costs, streamline workflow and Increase Revenue James Tomaskovics And Associates can take on the full responsibility and functionality of a chief information officer for small businesses, medium sized businesses and large corporations.

Our methodologies adapt to each unique situation to ensure high performance and satisfaction that will fit your business model, budget and lifestyle not only for today but into the future.

We are committed to a one on one in person approach and remain adamant that the quality, commitment and results of our service yield the same high quality consistency to large corporations and small businesses alike.

James Tomaskovics & Associates Microsoft Support Services

James Tomaskovics & Associates provides Microsoft Support Services for corporations, small businesses and individuals. From Windows NT to Windows 8.1 operating systems to Microsoft Security Essentials and Microsoft Office 2013 we assist corporations, small businesses and individuals with the set-up, day to day operations and troubleshooting of Microsoft products.

Microsoft Operating Systems

Windows 8.1 Microsoft Support
Windows 8 Microsoft Support
Windows Phone 8 Microsoft Support
Windows Phone 8.1 Microsoft Support
Windows 7 Microsoft Support
Windows Vista Microsoft Support

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Microsoft Servers & Email

Windows Server 2012 Microsoft Support
Exchange Server 2013 Microsoft Support
SQL Server 2014 Microsoft Support
Lync Server 2013 Microsoft Support
365 Networking Infrastructure Microsoft Support
Windows Phone Integration Microsoft Support

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Microsoft Office & Software

Office 2003 Microsoft Support
Office 2007 Microsoft Support
Office 2010 Microsoft Support
Office 2013 Microsoft Support
Office 365 Microsoft Support
Excel Microsoft Support

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James Tomaskovics & Associates Computer Support Services

I.T Security Penetration Testing

Website Penetration Testing
Web Application Penetration Testing
Web Server Penetration Testing
Firewall Penetration Testing
Software Penetration Testing
I.T Infrastructure Penetration Testing

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Business Website Redesign

Static Website Design
Parallax Web Design
Flash Web Design
Minimalist Web Design
Bootstrap Web Design
Multi-Directional Scrolling Website Design

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Computer Forensic Services

Log Locations
Email Tracking Tracing And Extracting
Metadata Forensics
Financial Information & Transactions
Tracing Private And Government Spying
Data Support Of Intent

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