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Locally recognized New York Sales and Marketing Professional James Tomaskovics empowers  businesses both large and small to surpass their current monthly sales performance while maintaining or establishing loyalty and recognition for each businesses customers .

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  • Account Planning In NYC
  • Database Marketing In NYC
  • Affinity Marketing In NYC
  • Digital Marketing In NYC
  • Agricultural Marketing In NYC
  • Direct Marketing In NYC
  • Alliance marketing In NYC
  • Diversity Marketing In NYC
  • Ambush Marketing In NYC
  • Evangelism Marketing In NYC
  • Article Marketing In NYC
  • Faith-Based marketing In NYC
  • Article Video Marketing In NYC
  • Freebie Marketing In NYC
  • Brand Language In NYC
  • Guerrilla Marketing In NYC
  • Call To Action Marketing In NYC
  • Figure Of Merit Marketing In NYC
  • Customer Relationship Marketing In NYC
  • Influencer Marketing In NYC
  • Cloud Marketing In NYC
  • Loyalty Marketing In NYC
  • Cause Marketing In NYC
  • Menu Engineering In NYC
  • Close Range Marketing In NYC
  • Nano-Campaigning In NYC
  • Community Marketing In NYC
  • Next-Best-Action Marketing In NYC
  • Consumer-Generated Advertising In NYC
  • Pre-Installed Software In NYC
  • Content Marketing In NYC
  • Product Bundling In NYC
  • Cross-Media Marketing In NYC
  • Proximity Marketing In NYC
  • Customer advocacy In NYC
  • Seeding Trial In NYC
  • Customer Satisfaction In NYC
  • Special Edition In NYC
  • Customerization In NYC
  • Social Marketing In NYC

Marketing Services Package In NYC

My Marketing Package is a COMPLETE cost effective way to increase your business sales.

This is the most amount of services I have ever combined in a single package at this price range.

Complete Marketing Package
Local Promotion Development & Management
Social Media Real Time Maintenance, Management & Monitoring
Weekly Advertisement Development & Promotion
Weekly Website Advertisement Development & Promotion
Weekly Social Media Advertisement Development & Promotion
200 Monthly Telemarketing Calls & Script Development
Telemarketing Lead Follow Up & Sales Closed *
Website Real Time Maintenance, Management & Security
Advertising Graphics Print & Digital Development
Mobile App Development & Marketing
Monthly Marketing Return On Investment Analysis
Monthly Speaking Opportunities & Trade Shows NYC & NJ
Supplier Management
Monthly Onsite Meetings NYC & NJ
$2800 per month 6 month minimum *We charge 15% on Closed Leads from Telemarketing Only

Brand licensing Marketing Services In NYC

We bring together both licensors and licensees allowing complete leverage of brand licensing.

Brand licensing opens doors to new markets that are easier to dominate due to previous brand reputation.

To discuss licensors and licensees opportunities further contact me

James Tomaskovics
Office (347) 450-0236 / (347) 688-2031

Website Management Marketing Services In NYC

We manage business and eCommerce websites using a number of platforms, content management services and security tools.

We offer two monthly packages

Basic Package Pro Package
$300 per month $900 per month
CMS Maintenance & Set Ups CMS Maintenance & Set Ups
Blog Maintenance & Set Ups Blog Maintenance & Set Ups
Back Ups Back Ups
XX Design Revisions
XX Security Monitoring & Fixes
Product Changes & Additions Product Changes & Additions
Blog Content Creation (Weekly) Blog Content Creation (Daily)
Social Media Set Up & Maintenance Social Media Set Up & Maintenance
XX Social Media Management
XX PPC Management
XX Email Newsletter Management
XX Content Promotion
XX Web Analytics & SEO
  • WordPress Website Design In NYC
  • PHP Website Design In NYC
  • Dreamweaver Website Design In NYC
  • Standard HTML Website Design In NYC
  • Drupal Website Design In NYC
  • Joomla Website Design In NYC
  • Shopify Website Design In NYC
  • Weebly Website Design In NYC
  • Wix Website Design In NYC
  • Squarespace Website Design In NYC
  • Magento Website Design In NYC

Host’s We Work With:

    • GoDaddy Website Design In NYC
    • Dreamhost Website Design In NYC
    • 1and1 Website Design In NYC
    • BlueHost Website Design In NYC
    • Host Gator Website Design In NYC
    • BlueHost Website Design In NYC
    • Netfirms Website Design In NYC


HTML 5 Website Design In NYC
CSS Website Design In NYC
jQuery Website Design In NYC
• JavaScript Website Design In NYC
JSON Website Design In NYC
XML / XSD Website Design In NYC
PHP Website Design In NYC
Python Website Design In NYC
Ruby Website Design In NYC


• Silverlight
• Win8, Winvista, Winxp
• .net
• Windows Server (all versions)
• Office 365
• Microsoft Dynamics


• SQL Server
• Microsoft SQL Server


• iOS
• Android
• Windows Mobile

Systems & Software

• WordPress
• QuickBooks
• Joomla
• Zen Cart
• Magento
• ASPDotNet Storefront
• Drupal
• PayPal
• Authorize.NET
• Amazon Web Services (AWS)
• Yahoo! Storefront
• Adobe
• Clickbank
• Bitcoin
• Google Apps For Small Business

Never Worry About Your Website Again

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Restaurant Supply Chain Management

We negotiate prices on food, packaging, and equipment while maintaining and sourcing new inventory on a weekly basis.

We currently manage, food, packaging, inventory and menu sourcing operations in New Jersey and New York City.

We create a stage allowing restaurant owners, managers and chefs to walk on that stage and focus on their guests experience and the performance of staff.

Restaurant Commodity Risk Management

We plan and position key commodity items, we monitor market risk and ultimately take proactive actions to diminish price volatility.

Commodity prices have an extreme effect on restaurant profits.

From new upcoming government regulations to droughts, new emerging animal diseases, sanctions, and even new and developing regional wars.

Commodities Managed

Beef Poultry
Dairy Produce
Packaging Oil/Shortening
Pork Wheat and Grains

Marketing Return On Investment

We work with clients to itemize their marketing costs across all mediums.

With our marketing return on investment efforts clients can typically reduce their marketing cost by 20 percent and still yield the same return on investments, but most importantly clients will make the most amount of money on the initial campaign.

Our main methodology

Short Term

Our short-term metric measures the amount of revenue gained for every employed dollar.


When an organization employees $100,000 on a campaign and the campaign delivers $500,000 in returned revenue, then the return on investment factor is 5.0.

If the incremental contribution margin for that $500,000 in revenue is 60%, then the margin return on investment (the incremental margin for $100,000 of marketing spent is $300,000 (= $500,000 x 60%). Of which, the $100,000 spent on a  campaign will be subtracted and the difference will be divided by the same $100,000 . Every dollar expended in the campaign translates an additional $2 on the organizations bottom-line.

Utilizing this metric of revenue per dollar spent for each marketing activity will generate important decisions to improve the entire marketing campaign.

To find out more about our Marketing Return on Investment initiatives including:

  • Long term concept
  • Marketing Mix Modeling techniques
  • Customer lifetime value
  • Brand valuation
  • churn rate
  • brand equity



Marketing Services In NYC