James Tomaskovics & Associates

The New York Metropolitan Areas Exclusive Upper Class Computer Network Support Service

We recognize a profound need for advanced I.T Security and Network Support for small businesses, corporations and individuals.

Our methodologies adapt to each unique situation to ensure high performance and satisfaction that will fit your business model, budget and lifestyle not only for today but into the future.

Many of the clients we serve are in the public spotlight and because of this reason confidentiality is adhered to in the strictest forms. James Tomaskovics owner of James Tomaskovics & Associates services these high profile clients and others directly so there is no middle man, employee or a new person on these accounts this further ensures confidentiality and piece of mind. A legal non disclosure non expiry agreement is also utilized and restricts the disclosure of information even if you choose to no longer be a client.

If you are in the market to cut costs and streamline workflow James Tomaskovics And Associates can take on the full responsibility and functionality of a chief information officer for small businesses, medium sized businesses and large corporations.

We are committed to a one on one in person approach and remain adamant that the quality, commitment and results of our service yield the same consistency to large corporations and small businesses alike.

James Tomaskovics & Associates began operations on September 27, 2011.

We do not outsource, all work remains in house and in The United States Of America.

J.Tomaskovics & Associates Core Services

Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing is how we test networks and web applications for security vulnerabilities. Pentesting is the most valuable service we offer, as it cannot be replaced by automated software, firewalls, antiviruses or online tutorials. The knowledge to Pentest, classify and fix security vulnerabilities in networks, web apps and websites can only come from years of discipline. Sometimes the field of vulnerabilities can change so rapidly even I.T Technology classes cannot keep up with the pace.
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Microsoft Support

Microsoft Partner On Pinpoint   »   Since 2011 we have provided professional support for Microsoft Business, Corporate and Individual users in the New York Metropolitan Area. All software comes with a user guide and we all know there is a whole lot of tutorials going around online, however individual users, businesses and corporations often require the need for an I.T professional to help streamline workflow and increase productivity and profitability. J.Tomaskovics & Associates will surpass any local competitor not only in price but in quality in the New York Metropolitan Area.
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Website Redevelopment

The main focus is to create a successful website that connects with the end user while showcasing your brand or service as a main stream competent necessity. At this time all organizations are online and as a business grows and changes so does the technology. Recent advances In HTML and CSS have allowed for an even greater opportunity to represent your services or products in vivid detail across multiple devices than ever before.
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Flash Animation For Products & Services Websites

Animation for a service or product website can rejuvenate interest and attract attention the new offers.

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