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James Tomaskovics provides independent, third-party investment research to institutional and individual investors, corporate issuers and financial services firms. This investment research service delivers real time on-demand research tailored to each clients individual needs so that each client can stay ahead of market events in the following NYSE & NASDAQ listed sectors…

• Basic Materials Sector • Cyclical Consumer Goods & Services • Energy Sector • Financial Sector

• Geopolitical News • Healthcare Sector • Industrial Sector • Non-Cyclical Consumer Goods & Services

• Technology Sector • Telecommunication Sector • Utility Sector

Specializing In

• Profit Margin Analysis • Return On Assets • Return On Capital Employed • Sales/Revenue Per Employee

• Price/Book Value Ratio • Price/Cash Flow Ratio • Price/earnings Ratio • Price/Earnings To Growth Ratio

• Price/Sales Ratio • Dividend Yield • Enterprise Value Multiple • Operating Cash Flow/Sales Ratio

• Cash Flow Coverage Ratio • Debt Ratio • Debt/Equity Ratio • Capitalization Ratio • Interest Coverage

• Cash Flow To Debt Ratio • Initial Public Offerings (IPO) • Earnings Per Share Estimates (EPS)

• Quarterly Earnings Releases • Earnings Prospectus • Preliminary Prospectus • Final Prospectus

• US Securities And Exchange Commission Document Analysis • Press Releases



James Tomaskovics Advisory Solutions


James Tomaskovics Advisory Solutions is a fee-based retainment advisory program that services no more than 5 clients personally one on one at any given time in New York.



Services are generally rendered through a monthly retainment package

To provide the best possible service I only service clients on a one on one basis if you prefer to work closely with an advisor to implement and refine your long-term financial strategy this may be the best option for you. A six month minimum commitment is required for all new clients.

*All work done outside of these retainers is billed per hour with a waiting period that will be discussed prior to agreement. No investment advice can be given outside of this retainment.

* If you cannot cover the monthly retainment fee for research and need more than 2 hours work call for a special arrangement, certain conditions may apply.

* Due New York State regulations you must be one of my five clients to receive investment advice.

James Tomaskovics

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