We Build Business By Increasing Sales

James Tomaskovics & Associates is a digital marketing service with unique capabilities. James Tomaskovics & Associates offers cost effective marketing services with focus on increasing revenue. We have been servicing the New York City area exclusively since September 28, 2011.

Website Design

Quality website design incorporating current industry trends is imperative to a successful business. We understand that the presentation of products and services is part of an identity campaign that may have taken years to build or perhaps is just about to begin. With this in mind we offer the very best in website design that will project your ideas, image and direction across all devices.

Website Management

A presence online is certainly an achievement. Retaining website maintenance and constant content updates is the key to success. With recent advances in technology it is possible for a novice to setup a generic website and add a few segments to his or her blog every week or two. But for an active business or a professional public figure this has been proven without a doubt inadequate.

Monthly Marketing Retainer

While assessing the challenges of a successful marketing campaign having a team of professionals with expertise in different areas of marketing dedicated to your organization without employee turnover is the ideal way forward. Websites and social media must be constantly updated for any active business or public figure that offers services or products to the general public. Developing concepts for print and online campaigns relevant to changing industry trends and inline with a product, service or public figures desired image projection is one of most important techniques to gain and retain revenue.


We are proud to offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. A six month minimum is required in order to develop effective strategies. All work done outside of these retainers are billed at $175 per hour with a typical 1–4 week waiting period.

20 Hours Per Month Retainment Package $3000

40 Hours Per Month Retainment Package $6000

* 60 Hours Per Month Retainment Package $8000