Management & Brokerage

Our brokerage and management services are implied in two general areas of function, Business Process Management and Sales Management. All of our brokerage and management services stay in the United States.

Restaurant Supply Chain Management

We negotiate prices on food, packaging, and equipment while maintaining and sourcing new inventory on a weekly basis.

We currently manage over 50 food, packaging, inventory and menu sourcing operations in New Jersey and New York City.

We create a stage allowing restaurant owners, managers and chefs to walk on that stage and focus on their guests experience and the performance of staff.

Restaurant Commodity Risk Management

We plan and position key commodity items, we monitor market risk and ultimately take proactive actions to diminish price volatility.

Commodity prices have an extreme effect on restaurant profits.

From new upcoming government regulations to droughts, new emerging animal diseases, sanctions, and even new and developing regional wars.

Commodities Managed

Beef Poultry
Dairy Produce
Packaging Oil/Shortening
Pork Wheat and Grains


Dedicated Website Management

We manage business and eCommerce websites using a number of platforms, content management services and security tools.


Real World Specialization

Employee / Manager Sales Training • Supply Chain Efficiency • Business Process and Workflow Efficiency • Business Systems, Data and Functional Analysis • Process Architecture and Design Efficiency • Profit Margin Analysis • Return On Assets • Return On Capital Employed • Sales/Revenue Per Employee • Price/Book Value Ratio • Price/Cash Flow Ratio • Price/earnings Ratio • Price/Earnings To Growth Ratio • Price/Sales Ratio • Dividend Yield • Enterprise Value Multiple • Operating Cash Flow/Sales Ratio • Cash Flow Coverage Ratio • Debt Ratio • Debt/Equity Ratio • Capitalization Ratio • Interest Coverage • Cash Flow To Debt Ratio • Initial Public Offerings (IPO) • Earnings Per Share Estimates (EPS) • Quarterly Earnings Releases • Earnings Prospectus • Preliminary Prospectus • Final Prospectus • US Securities And Exchange Commission Document Analysis • Press Releases

SWOT And PESTEL Analysis

Tomaskovics enjoys offering comprehensive SWOT and PESTEL analysis services for small businesses and large corporations in all market sectors.

SWOT Analysis

SWOT is an acronym for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. The goal of a SWOT analysis is to create lists of all of the internal and external strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to inform strategic planning decisions. SWOT is meant to help businesses double down on strengths, eliminate weaknesses, pursue opportunities and avoid or prepare for threats.

PESTEL Analysis

PESTLE is an acronym for political, economic, social, technological, legal and environmental. The purpose of a PESTLE analysis is to identify all of the various external political, economic, social, technological, legal and environmental factors that might affect a business.

Profit Margin Analysis Service
Tomaskovics’s Profit Margin Analysis service is provided to Institutional and individual investors, corporate issuers, financial service firms and small businesses.

Combining gross profit, operating profit, pretax profit and net profit to detect positive/negative performance in a company’s earnings and how efficiently a company is using its raw materials, labor and manufacturing-related fixed assets on a historical basis.

This service is also performed on small businesses in order to increase profitability through more efficient utilization of an organizations raw materials, labor and manufacturing-related fixed assets and costs.

Sales – Revenue Per Employee Analysis Service
Tomaskovics’s sales revenue per employee analysis service is a measurement of how efficient a companies human resources are performing in comparison to industry competitors and if possible the historical performance of the company.

This service is also performed on small businesses in order to increase profitability through more efficient utilization of an organizations human resources according to the results of the analysis.

Cost Analysis Service
Tomaskovics’s cost analysis service provides estimates of whether the advantages of a particular action are likely to outweigh its drawbacks for both businesses and investors. This service is also applied to pinpoint specific weak areas in a companies.

Key Contributing Factors

Manual Labor • Technical Labor • Clerical Labor • Administrative • LaborLicensed/Certified Labor Raw Materials • Purchased Product • Contracted Services • Insurance Work Comp • Insurance Project Specific Insurance Prop. & Casualty • Cost Of Sales • Cost Of Facilities • Cost Of Delivery • Cost Of Travel

Regulatory Compliance Services
Tomaskovics helps organizations consolidate and harmonize compliance controls across all industries. Whether your concerns are related to The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, Federal Information Security Management Act, International Organization for Standardisation, or any other number of compliance mandates.

Cost Reduction Service
Tomaskovics is a leading Business Analysis and Business Process Solutions provider in the New York Metropolitan area that provides cost reduction solutions across all industries and all business functions.

Tomaskovics Cost Reduction Strategies

Supplier Consolidation

Tomaskovics typically employs A vendor management system (VMS) to procure and manage outside contracts and contingent labor.

Request for quotations (RFQ)

Tomaskovics can reduce and control cost by inviting suppliers into a bidding process which includes  payment terms, quality level per item and contract length.

Supplier cost breakdown analysis

Tomaskovics performs a marketplace competition comparison and an assessment of the direct and indirect costs leading to the final price of the product or service.

Market Research Analysis and Sales Improvement 

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